Sunday, August 17, 2008

There is a House for You

Are You Fishing for a House?

There has been a lot of weird talking lately. Housing crisis, Mortgage Meltdown, Historical Foreclosures, Prices are going to drop, interest rates are going to drop, now is not a good time to sell, and my favorite now is not a good time to buy. In my opinion if you are in a position to buy it may be a good time. Prices have dropped, interest rates are good. When I bought my first house interest rates were 10.25 and the house prices were high. Everybody kept telling me wait prices will fall. Don't buy now. My point if you are thinking of buying anytime can be a good time. Don't listen to to many people there is enough confusion right now. Look at your options and decide for yourself.

Don't let your dream home fly away without making a informed decision. Check out what properties are on the market, get pre-approved to find out how much home you can afford. I believe there is a home for every budget. Will it be the perfect home? Probably not there are no perfect homes and as I have said before "Sticks and Stones don't make homes People do". The pride and fun is adding your personal touches to make your home perfect. Remember there is nothing wrong with stepping stones and buying up after all isn't that the philosophy out parents used. Some times if we listen to the right advise it makes sense.
My passion in this business is locating properties for buyers. Whether you are looking in the thousands or millions let me help you find the home that is perfect for you. Together as a team we can locate and iron out the details to make home ownership a reality and not just a dream.
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