Monday, October 19, 2009

Farewell to Summer - Tiverton from the River

We only had a few opportunities to enjoy the boat this summer. I kept telling myself to bring the camera and on our last voyage I did.
There are few things I enjoy more than a boat ride through the Sakonnet River. It was a chilly day and white billowy clouds littered the sky. A beautiful day not a wave or ripple to be found as far as eye could see.

As we enter the River from Nanaquaket Pond we are greeted by this Island. I guess it is called Gould Island as kids we always called it Rat Island with many stories to support how the rats got to the Island. It is a haven for the Birds. My family loves to explore this island. Not me. I'll stay on the boat and leave the Island for the Birds.

Moving down river towards Little Compton I am welcomed by some of my favorite homes which can only be seen by water (well unless you drive on the property).

A house on the river and corral in back reminds me that Tiverton is not just about the sea but also the land. Horse back riding is enjoyed as well as farming and fresh produce. Talk about the best of both worlds.

So close to the water sitting a top of a grand sea wall in the midst of the trees I smell the salt air blowing through the open windows. Images of crashing waves beating the grand sea wall singing it's stormy song on not so pleasant days. Magnificent sunsets on warm summer evenings. Standing by the glow of a fire watching a light snow fall feeling the chill of the sea. Oh, this is the life for me.

Along the shore of the river is this treasure waiting patiently for new owners knowing one day it too will be a wonder to see.

So now we bid farewell to Summer and say hello to winter. Soon we will be covered with a blanket of snow and the shore will hibernate. Her beauty will shine for only few to see as the fishermen make their way to sea.

Here is a great article"New England Style, Little Known and Liking It" found in the travel section of the New York Times written in 2007.

When you need to remember summer on a cold winter's day you could search out Paul Bergeron of Sakonnet River Pie. Enjoy a Handmade Native Fruit Pie made from fruit and berries grown on small coastal farms. Sakonnet River Pie is dedicated to supporting these family farms.