Thursday, August 7, 2008

Almost Hit One Out of the Park

This in my opinion would have been the grand slam of a real estate transaction. A young couple looking to purchase a home was referred to me. They were anxious and looking to meet the next day so I happily rearranged my schedule to make an appointment. They were looking for financing so I also arranged for a mortgage originator to attend the meeting. Big Thank You to the mortgage originator for being readily available. Everything was falling into place.

The next day we met went through the normal (if any real estate transaction can be classified as normal) routine questions, disclosures, and the such waiting for the mortgage originator to arrive. This couple was so on top of their game it was incredible. They knew the property they wanted, they were informed, and had all the paper work to apply for a loan. The mortgage originator was also impressed he left with all the information he needed and felt confident they would qualify for the mortgage. They were very happy and wanted to put in an offer right away. I was like wow. I went to print the purchase and sales agreement, yeah I know most of you use an offer form first not in Newport County, and proceeded to call the listing agent for the sellers name. All of a sudden my grand slam turned into a triple as I was informed that the listing agent had procured the buyer because they attended an open house and had attended a second viewing of the home along with her parents. He asked if they had an agent as I had. In May of this year Rhode Island passed a new law of agency which adds to the confusion. I sent them back to the listing agent to complete the offer. Boohoo for me Hooray for them the buyers I mean. They were so happy and I wish them the best. I'm glad I could help in some way. I only hope they get the representation they need and deserve. I am very confident with the mortgage originator and I can rest assured that he will help them every step of the way. Like a friend of mine often says some days your the bat and some days your the ball. Next time I'll be the bat.

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