Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Recently a friend of ours has had his/her identity stolen. He/She is not sure how or where it happened. So today as I was reading through my e-mail I checked my spam folder. I am quite use to seeing solicitations from other countries requesting information to transfer money into my account but what I saw this morning is frightening. An e-mail notification stating that my password on my credit union bank account was changed and my account had been suspended until verification of this information. They even provided a link to the Credit Union's on line banking web site. Knowing I don't have an account there I immediately called only to be told they were aware of this situation just to delete the e-mail because I don't have an account. They don't know were the e-mail was coming from and someone was trying to capture my information. OKay fine. Now I read my non spam e-mail and again another urgent message regarding my PayPal account which I don't have - immediate deletion. Be careful these on line thieves are getting very clever. It was only a matter of time. Be smart hit delete! Anyone else experiencing this kind of thing?