Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do You Think Your Clients are Happy?

Are you sure your clients are really happy? Do you keep in touch them and explain where you advertise their properties?
I live in Rhode Island which is honestly from my location approximately five minutes to Massachusetts. Therefore most of us are licensed in both states. In my neighborhood for the last couple summers there are been two properties for sale by owner. I know your saying well Lisa how come they are not listed with you and I agree. But there are a couple of reasons one being asking price (that is why they are on the market every summer). As you read on I am sure you will get the other reason.
One of the FSBOs recently listed his property with a very well known brokerage and as far as I know one of the top brokerages in the area. I drive home one evening and find the neighbors chatting across the street which is not uncommon so I go to say hello. Well I guess they were talking to the FSBO next door and he is ranting about his agent. As a way of showing his disappointment with the agent he pulled the signs from his yard as from what I understand to be a form of punishment!
Well there are always two sides to the story and most of the time I find the conflict and frustration comes from a lack of communication. Many agents in this area either belong to the MLS in Rhode Island or one from Massachusetts. This customer was very upset because his agent is from MA and therefore listed his property on the MA MLS and he lives in Rhode Island. Many customers don't understand that their property is exposed all over the Internet or where to find the listing on the Internet.
Considering the cost of advertising I would think it would be a benefit to send an email link to the customer so that they could see their listing. Not everyone is computer literate but with a little help they can find their way around the Internet. If placing an ad in a magazine explain that it could take up to three weeks depending on insertion deadlines and once published bring them a copy. I don't know - all I do know is it has been over a week and yup you guessed it still no sign on the lawn.
I had to write this because it bothers me every day when I come home. Not to mention the buyers who may be driving down the street because there is a sign posted at the top of the road and never really know for sure which property is for sale.

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