Sunday, August 31, 2008

Has it been Nine Days? - What's Brimfield?

It has been nine days since my last blog and let me tell what a crazy, hectic and sometimes sorrowful nine days it has been.

First lets start with the sorrowful news so we can end on a happy note. A very good friend of ours had a ATV accident almost didn't survive. We had gotten news he was doing good only to hear a few days later that he had flat lined but was again revived. He seems to be doing better now but it is day to day. My prayers, thoughts, and extra strength is with him everyday. I spoke to my very best friend and heard some real awful news regarding a mutual friend's son. Seems he was driving down the highway at night and some person who wanted to commit suicide saw him coming and ran in front of his car. He hit him the person went flying over his car and was hit by three other cars from what I understand. My prayers are with my friend's son also.

Next put in an offer for a customer which is now in a Multi Offer situation. I don't know how many of you will recall a post I wrote called "Almost Hit One Out of the Park" but that young couple returned to me as a customer (hurray) and we put an offer on a Home for them which I really hope happens for them because they are really nice, on top of their game, hard working, and if anyone deserves it they certainly do. Sometimes I wonder how good I will be at this business I care more for my customers than myself and think I would be just as disappointed if not more so if they didn't get this house. It makes me feel really great inside because I think it is a really nice house for them. Their parents must be proud of them I know I am. Again what a nice family that is what I love about this business.

Visited some good friends. What a pond they made in their back yard - very talented. Little water fall, lights for at night, water plants, simply beautiful. Hope to get the pictures so I can post about their back yard retreat.

Finally it is the last Antique show in Brimfield so that means packing campers, setting up tents, loading our 15 foot box truck, and a week in a field selling. If you have never been to Brimfield I encourage you to do so - bring your walking shoes and wallet. For more information go to Here are some photos from July's show.

This is only a small view of what to expect. Yup that's how we live for the week at Brimfield's Antique Show. Lots of great people, fun, and friends. Well all work very hard and help each other out.

I have missed blogging so much that I decided I would use my last bit of energy today and offer this post. Please enjoy and if you get a chance don't miss the Antique Show it is the last one this year. Hope to see you there. Oh yeah seeing how I never got a chance to put my picture on my blog guess you won't know it is me (it is getting to the top of my long list of things to do). LOL

Til next time enjoy, be happy, successful, productive, take time to love your family and friends we never know what will come our way.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

There is a House for You

Are You Fishing for a House?

There has been a lot of weird talking lately. Housing crisis, Mortgage Meltdown, Historical Foreclosures, Prices are going to drop, interest rates are going to drop, now is not a good time to sell, and my favorite now is not a good time to buy. In my opinion if you are in a position to buy it may be a good time. Prices have dropped, interest rates are good. When I bought my first house interest rates were 10.25 and the house prices were high. Everybody kept telling me wait prices will fall. Don't buy now. My point if you are thinking of buying anytime can be a good time. Don't listen to to many people there is enough confusion right now. Look at your options and decide for yourself.

Don't let your dream home fly away without making a informed decision. Check out what properties are on the market, get pre-approved to find out how much home you can afford. I believe there is a home for every budget. Will it be the perfect home? Probably not there are no perfect homes and as I have said before "Sticks and Stones don't make homes People do". The pride and fun is adding your personal touches to make your home perfect. Remember there is nothing wrong with stepping stones and buying up after all isn't that the philosophy out parents used. Some times if we listen to the right advise it makes sense.
My passion in this business is locating properties for buyers. Whether you are looking in the thousands or millions let me help you find the home that is perfect for you. Together as a team we can locate and iron out the details to make home ownership a reality and not just a dream.
Bye for Now,

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do You Think Your Clients are Happy?

Are you sure your clients are really happy? Do you keep in touch them and explain where you advertise their properties?
I live in Rhode Island which is honestly from my location approximately five minutes to Massachusetts. Therefore most of us are licensed in both states. In my neighborhood for the last couple summers there are been two properties for sale by owner. I know your saying well Lisa how come they are not listed with you and I agree. But there are a couple of reasons one being asking price (that is why they are on the market every summer). As you read on I am sure you will get the other reason.
One of the FSBOs recently listed his property with a very well known brokerage and as far as I know one of the top brokerages in the area. I drive home one evening and find the neighbors chatting across the street which is not uncommon so I go to say hello. Well I guess they were talking to the FSBO next door and he is ranting about his agent. As a way of showing his disappointment with the agent he pulled the signs from his yard as from what I understand to be a form of punishment!
Well there are always two sides to the story and most of the time I find the conflict and frustration comes from a lack of communication. Many agents in this area either belong to the MLS in Rhode Island or one from Massachusetts. This customer was very upset because his agent is from MA and therefore listed his property on the MA MLS and he lives in Rhode Island. Many customers don't understand that their property is exposed all over the Internet or where to find the listing on the Internet.
Considering the cost of advertising I would think it would be a benefit to send an email link to the customer so that they could see their listing. Not everyone is computer literate but with a little help they can find their way around the Internet. If placing an ad in a magazine explain that it could take up to three weeks depending on insertion deadlines and once published bring them a copy. I don't know - all I do know is it has been over a week and yup you guessed it still no sign on the lawn.
I had to write this because it bothers me every day when I come home. Not to mention the buyers who may be driving down the street because there is a sign posted at the top of the road and never really know for sure which property is for sale.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Almost Hit One Out of the Park

This in my opinion would have been the grand slam of a real estate transaction. A young couple looking to purchase a home was referred to me. They were anxious and looking to meet the next day so I happily rearranged my schedule to make an appointment. They were looking for financing so I also arranged for a mortgage originator to attend the meeting. Big Thank You to the mortgage originator for being readily available. Everything was falling into place.

The next day we met went through the normal (if any real estate transaction can be classified as normal) routine questions, disclosures, and the such waiting for the mortgage originator to arrive. This couple was so on top of their game it was incredible. They knew the property they wanted, they were informed, and had all the paper work to apply for a loan. The mortgage originator was also impressed he left with all the information he needed and felt confident they would qualify for the mortgage. They were very happy and wanted to put in an offer right away. I was like wow. I went to print the purchase and sales agreement, yeah I know most of you use an offer form first not in Newport County, and proceeded to call the listing agent for the sellers name. All of a sudden my grand slam turned into a triple as I was informed that the listing agent had procured the buyer because they attended an open house and had attended a second viewing of the home along with her parents. He asked if they had an agent as I had. In May of this year Rhode Island passed a new law of agency which adds to the confusion. I sent them back to the listing agent to complete the offer. Boohoo for me Hooray for them the buyers I mean. They were so happy and I wish them the best. I'm glad I could help in some way. I only hope they get the representation they need and deserve. I am very confident with the mortgage originator and I can rest assured that he will help them every step of the way. Like a friend of mine often says some days your the bat and some days your the ball. Next time I'll be the bat.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Coastal Village News

Life in New England is like the weather in New England ever changing. Real Estate is much more than buying and selling property. It is about lifestyles, information, service, and location. Up to this point I have been letting you get to know me so you feel comfortable working with me. I hope I have demonstrated my love for this area, the value of dedication, loyalty, honesty, attention to detail, and the importance of family. Now it is time to let you know about the location. An example of this is in an article by Alex Kuffner staff writer for the Providence Journal "Big Developments from Tiverton to East Providence" written in Dec 2007.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit The Carnegie Abbey Club mentioned in his article. The Carnegie Abbey Club is a private sporting estate all about living well and having fun. Offering golf, tennis, equestrian and maritime pursuits. What impressed me most besides the history of the land, attention to detail, and services (to many to mention) was the focus on family. Nobody has been forgotten at The Carnegie Abbey Club. IF this lifestyle appeals to you then I encourage you to research this sporting estate.

CRMC just approved a Marina in Tiverton article offered by:

Allowing 74 slips this will be the largest marina in Tiverton. Nice addition to this coastal village. Jimmy Buffet cruised the waters of Newport to participate in the Newport Folk Festival this year and next year the Folk Festival turns 50 (see article link eastbayri).

Westport's Horseneck Beach gets a face-lift article provided by Marc Munroe Dion of the Herald News.

As a Life long resident of Tiverton it is nice to see the improvements being made to the coastal villages in this area. It is in my opinion one of the most beautiful places to live. Offering rich history, the best seafood, farmer's markets, antique shops, art galleries, and best of all four seasons. Minutes from the ocean, close to the cities for a change of pace, and not far from the mountains to observe the Autumn foliage and into winter for some of the finest winter sports.

For available property in this area leave me an email giving me an idea of what you are looking for in a property and I will be happy to provide you with listings. As I mentioned before real estate isn't just about buying and selling it is also location and service. When working with me you will never be alone in your pursuit for a home. In the meantime I will be adding a list of my favorite magazines, places, and keeping you up to date with what is happening around our coastal villages.