Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tiverton, RI - Going Back while Moving Forward

We woke to snow this morning. So my plan was to bring my camera while doing errands and get pictures of the first snow fall. Off and on my way when I thought the picture above would be nice. However, I had forgotten my camera. Sometimes a simple change of plans turns out to be a great adventure.

I finished the errands and decided I would take pictures in our neighbor. On the way back I wanted to look at a property which happened to be in my old, actually first neighborhood. Along the way I saw a man and his children building a snow man. I wish I had my camera but things happen for a reason. Driving home I noticed how nice everything looked with the freshly fallen snow - back home for the camera.

This is my first neighborhood: GARDEN HEIGHTS
As I was driving around I thought what a nice place for a child to grow up or maybe it was only my nice memories.
As much as the neighborhood changed it stayed the same. Cozy 2-3 bedroom homes with well kept yards. Neighborhood was as clean as a whistle.
I saw a person I recognized as a former neighborhood. I should have said hi but it has been a long time.

Then I remembered there was a path on the street over. There it was the gateway to the outside. How many times I walked that path to school, ice skating. and the carnival. Beyond the path is the school yard (I wonder if the children still walk to school and if they are referred to as walkers) where in the summer there was a carnival. I use to watch the fireworks from my bedroom window. There is also the basketball court and in the winter they would fill it with water so we could ice skate (wonder if they still do that?). FYI -the house next to the path, the infamous gateway, is for sale.

Moving on. Driving home I'm thinking there are a lot of nice neighborhoods in Tiverton I need to revisit. I decided to take Highland Road on my way home and get some pictures of that neighborhood. The Highland Road Neighborhood offers a traditional and historic feel. It is a pretty tree lined road where you can find the Town Hall, Fort Barton, Hilltop Tree Farm, and the Essex Library.

The reason for this post is because I've been looking and watching. I am seeing buyers becoming homeowners and watching the transformation of the properties. You are doing some pretty great things with your new homes. If your thinking about buying maybe it is time you took the next step. Determine your wants and needs, see how much home you can afford, and look around you might be surprised. There are different styles, prices, and neighborhoods to choose from.

Lastly consult a real estate agent. I know your saying "Well Lisa that is because your one. I can do it myself." It is true I am a real estate agent and I don't question your ability to buy a home on your own. However I do believe in my profession and feel we offer a valuable service. While your busy working, picking up your children, shopping, and in general living your life which can be very busy, we are making sure things are moving along, your are meeting all deadlines, and constantly keeping informed of the situation. Sometimes when life gets hectic we just simply forget and most of the time it comes with a penalty. Next you probably will say "Well it's Christmas. I'm to busy." Just as all good things come they also pass.

Happy Holidays,


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