Saturday, December 6, 2008

Amazing things People do In and Outside of their Homes

Ever visit with someone and you are blown away by what that have done? While visiting with friends this summer that is exactly what happened to me. This post has been a long time coming due to complications with e-mailing photos. So last night again we were visiting with the same friends and I loaded the pictures to my computer from his camera. I hope you are as impressed as I am.


Pictures don't do this project justice. The couple who made this pond are just like you and I. They get up every day and go to their respective jobs and simply enjoy live and each other. They do not do this as a professional career but who would know? It is that good. Not only have they created a healthy pond for their fish but they have also created a environment full of life and a home to many species.

Here is one of the tenants. What a life. A wonderful place to live rent free. His or her only worry is where his/her next meal is coming from. Now a days we all wonder that from time to time. I hear he/she is quite aggressive and likes to try and catch birds. Yes I said birds. Imagine the ambition and desire this little fellow has to keep trying day after day to catch birds. I believe they have told me he/she is successful since sometimes there is evidence to support that fact. Not so nice part of life but life as it is and will be.

Here is the pond at night. Pretty cool how the lights are under water. It looks really nice and it is so relaxing. Can you see all the fish?

Here is a better view of the fish. There are so many they must be well fed. These are only the big fish there are thousands of little fish along the edges of the pond and under the lily pads.

This is Rocco their grandson enjoying the pond.

Everyone enjoys the pond whether you live in or around it or whether you just are exploring the life on a beautiful sunny day. Nice job you guys. Big things from the littlilest state in the Union. Were the last two sentences enough of a clue as to where this pond is located?

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