Monday, December 29, 2008

Small Business Holiday Gift Results

Here are the results of the Small Business Holiday Gift. To my surprise it was not what I had expected. Did I mention it was free? It was intended for all small business? You guys have some pretty amazing products and services. How are you letting people know?

I really liked the purses that were made from zippers. They are so cool. As I mentioned you also had a great bottle bag made from zippers which I think would have been great for the Holidays. Today is December 29th and your web site is still "coming soon"(I did e-mail you but perhaps I was sent to the spam folder).

Another favorite the Bonsai Tree-Artificial Manufactured Trees. They look wonderful. Very hard to believe they are artificial. Again, I still can't find your web site.

Anyway Congratulations to the participants. And for those of you who didn't participate I'm still looking for you.

From my friends Jack and Sofia:

Vintage Vogue Designs Jewelry By Jack & Sofia

if you like vintage style that's what we have, necklaces we use only the best of quality in bead work vintage swarovski crystals venetian glass murano glass natural not dyed gemstones, ivory, bone, hematite, abalone mother of pearl freshwater pearls, also swarovski crystal pearls we makes all sets necklace earrings pierced or clip on belly button drops bracelets ankle and wrist or both best high end quality, even though i have pictures it doesn't do any justice to the beads if you aren't happy full money back guarantee these beads are were never for public market, they were brought when Vogue jewelry went out of business in 1975 all crystal necklaces will have a vogue tag take to any jewelry store will tell u its authentic as well as the beads themselves hhousehold collectable if you like limoge, nippon, noritake, German English we can find for you or have it here, we have art glass in many styles such as: vases compote some small trinkets also cloisonne' vases (Japanese & Chinese) satsuma hand blown vases and water pitchers decanters venetian murano and bohemian hand painted American glass hand cut American also chechosolvocian, milk glass fenton, Westmoreland and much more take a peek don't cost to browse will give you a better price than the stores 10% discount if you bring or mention this add the more u buy the better the price if we get it for a good price we reflect it back on you

thanks for browsing jack & Sofia

fruit pie - take a few apples,pears,peaches peel and cut into pieces the size is as u desire, add raisins, dried cranberry & dates a tablespoon of lemon to keep apples from turning u can add a few teaspoons of flower to thicken regular apple spices before putting top crust on dribble honey no sugar needed great for no sugar diets cook at 350 until u have golden crust

Tom DeSena:

I have a process that can eliminate credit card debt to "Zero"

No gimmicks... zero!Since cc debt is a real problem these days I find that most of the people I contact are at least curious..

check out my video on how this process works..

Karen Borden: Real Estate Appraiser/Agent - Massachusetts

Here's to you! Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Lisa Glowacki

Real Estate Broker RI & MA


disclaimer: Please be advised I am not referring any of these businesses. I am providing you with information. Please do your own due diligence and make your own decision.

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