Monday, October 13, 2008

Me and Brie - My Favorite Cheese - Not What Your Thinking

I made it through a closing (hurray), joined two great groups on ActiveRain "Club Chaos" and Fraiche-Aire" so I thought I would spend a day with my favorite little cheese Brie. Brianna that is she is my grand baby and best friend.

Please meet Brianna:

We started our day at Frerichs Farm for the great pumpkin weigh off. Sorry I don't have any photos of the great big pumpkins I was a little busy chasing this little one around. It was fun. The people at the farm offered lots for everyone to do. They gave free pumpkins, offered mazes, a western town, pumpkin painting, hay to climb on, and the pumpkin weigh in which I don't know the results because Brianna had to many other things to explore.

Brianna in the Corn Maze - She's quick. She turned her head before the photo was clicked. I tried to get a picture of her holding her pumpkin by the time I focused the camera she threw her pumpkin - oh well.

Brianna digging for worms in the Western Town. I thought this was very clever. They had two troughs one filled with Buck Wheat Husks and pipe cleaners (the worms) and the other "Panning for Gold" was filled with sand and corn kernels.

Here is Brianna's painted pumpkin. Not bad for 21 months - okay she had little help with the face. The absolute best part of the day were the hugs and kisses I received on the way back to the car.

Pa-pop had to work so he couldn't join us at the farm. But never fear he wasn't missing out on this day. It was a beautiful sunny and warm day. Pa-pop heard they just stocked his favorite fishing hole so off for some fishing to end the day.

I love this child she gives me the drive to work so hard everyday. So that was our simply day filled with joy and hugh rewards.

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