Thursday, October 9, 2008

Excuse Me I am Pissed Off! Advanta Sucks! Consumer Beware!

Here we go just another way that the good consumer is getting screwed. I am so pissed off that this post just may end up being a constant rant.
I have been doing business with Advanta Credit Card for years now and many other credit cards. I always pay on time, always pay double or triple my minimum due. On some great advise given by someone very close to me I will not comment on my credit or credit limit.
So here is the story. After years of a good relationship I missed one payment. I can't even say I missed a payment. The date due was 9/7/08 and I really thought it was 9/15/08. Mind you this was the same week as Brimfield a huge outdoor antique show that runs for a week. I came home and notice the bill was due on the 7th I paid it on the 10th. I immediately notified them through e-mail of my error and requested that the late charge be remove. Two days later I received an e-mail that they had honor my request. Yeah they honored that request and increased my interest rate to over 25%. I immediately communicated again through e-mail that this was a totally unacceptable rate. Now tonight I received an e-mail from Advanta informing me that I was a credit risk! Can you believe this crap. Let me tell you I was not not very happy. I told them I have always been a good, no great customer and I feel that I am being robbed and punished.
I know of other people who have this credit card and they are over limit, notoriously late, paying hugh interest rates and late fees. I am there when the credit card company calls and tells them that if they pay the minimum due they would reduce their interest rate. Not by 1%, 5% but sometimes by at least 10% or 12%.
I am sick and tired of the BS. I am sick and tired for paying for everybody else defaulting on their obligations. Needless to say I canceled my account and will be paying off my balance. To think I have referred this company to many people. Now I know they entice you with low rates promising you great service and customer relations just waiting for one human error.
Does this sound familiar (big bail out). Let me know. I strongly request that if anyone is using this credit card - don't be late because no matter how great of a customer your are you are going to get F**K**. Please excuse my language but I am so pissed it isn't even funny. Yea know what cancel your account and tell them Lisa sent you.
Thanks for the rant. The next post will be more upbeat. Promise.
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