Thursday, October 9, 2008

CALL TO ACTION - Attention all Real Estate Professional & Consumers. Simple statements can result in Big Ideas

This morning I was reading a post by Michael Klijanowicz titled "HALLOWEEN IS GOING TO SUCK THIS YEAR". It was a cartoon about children trick or treating in a neighborhood of foreclosed homes. There was a comment made by Renee Burrows on how she was going to use this opportunity to place flyers at these properties which got me thinking. Sometimes the simple statements result in Big Ideas.

The post by Michael made me realize how we get so wrapped up in all this mess that we sometimes forget about the children. In my comment I suggested that maybe as real estate professionals who have listing where the property is empty wouldn't it be cool if someone was on the porch handing out candy to children.

My Call to Action: Do you as real estate professionals think that we could get together and accomplish something like this is a short amount of time?

Would you be willing to participate?

Do you have friends, relatives, or such that would be willing to participate?

How about a Halloween party sponsored by real estate professional in your area?

I am fairly new to real estate and unfortunately don't know many of you but I think this is a great contribution to our communities. Maybe our children won't be so afraid unless it is in the usual manor attributed to Halloween. The fun scary stuff.

We could demonstrate what we always claim as professionals - that we care, that we can accomplish anything in a timely fashion, that real estate is so much more than just selling houses.
How would you accomplish this? Send e-mails to location real estate agents. Post an ad on your Local Board's Blog, Post an ad in your local paper. Contact your SOI. Any ideas? Or do you think this is just a stupid idea?

Please let me know what you think. Oh and by the way "Time is of the Essence". LOL

Whatever the outcome.



renee said...

Hi Lisa! Yup, I am revving up and making flyers. I just teamed up with two other agents this week who have lots of inventory and empty boxes.

December is one of my busiest months so why not take advantage of some of that foot traffic on Halloween and between Thanksgiving & New Years.

Real Estate RI & MA said...

Hi Renee,
Excellent. I think working as a team will turn things around. I hope December is busy for me also.
Thanks for the comment.