Wednesday, October 19, 2011

They Bought A House and Made A Home

If you are looking to buy a home and this story doesn't motivate you I don't know what will.  This is one of my favorite stories about a team of buyers, Realtors, and contractors not taking no for an answer.

I remember looking for homes with Mic and Wendy some promised to be great but sadly disappointed until we came upon this home.  The home was in a great location with large rooms offering charm and character but there was work to be done.  If only I could image what they saw this home could be.

We went into contract somewhere around September and they wanted to be home for Christmas.  We negotiated, installed a septic system, and I will never forget the day I drove up to find Mic with his crew painting the exterior of the house in 25 degrees to meet the requirements of the lender.   I am still impressed at how they worked together in unfavorable conditions without a harsh word silently saying to each other, "If you're in to the end so am I."  While Mic did the labor Wendy, a fine photographer I have to mention, was on the phone making sure the transaction was proceeding to close for her desired closing day.  Through laughter, very loud conversations, and some tears we managed to close on December 23rd!

I have seen the great they job did on the interior with the custom made staircase and beautiful beamed ceiling living room in a wonderful shade of red displaying black and white photos by Wendy.  Did I get the color right Wendy?  And recently although not in person the fabulous exterior remodel.  My clients and now friends are amazing.

How we first saw the home.

Before the amazing remodel.

Beautiful Finish.

Bet the neighbors are thrilled.
Imagine what Mic can do for you then make it come true.
Mic Grant
Fine Carpentry, Home Remodeling, Light Commercial
Licensed and Insured

Coming this winter the Kitchen Remodel.  I am very pleased and excited that they have asked if I would document and show you the Kitchen Remodel.  Don't miss it!


mic said...

HI Lisa,
I've put alot of sweat equity into this house,but its a labor of love. However i couldn't start my work here until you finished yours. It was a long road to get this deal done,and im certain if it wasn't for your due diligence and special gift of "not taking no for answer" i probably wouldn't be sitting in my house writing you now.You are truely the best,and anyone who has you working for their side are very fortunate. Always grateful, best Mic

Real Estate RI & MA said...

Thank you Mic. You know I think you guys are the best also. I love what you are doing with the house. It looks great. You are a very talented carpenter. We all didn't take no for an answer and made a great team. Thanks again for you kind words, they mean the world to me.