Friday, August 5, 2011

The Start of a Gentleman's Farm

The Start of a Gentleman's Farm.  If it's not about the ocean, it's about the land!  We're fortunate to have both.
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Sometimes it is funny where your life's path leads you.  A short background history is warranted here.  I have never raised any kind of farm animals however my honey always has farmed around here and there.  We've always shared the ocean so here is the story of the land.

It started with a few Quail which starting laying eggs.  So you know what came next - hatching the eggs.   I kept saying the eggs are never going to hatch and to my surprise the first batch, is that what you call it - a batch, did hatch. I don't know why I was surprised but I now know why I was amazed.

  OK, the first hatch was supervised but life goes on and work has to be done so that's when it happened.  I am left alone and they keep on coming.  Oh, did I mention in the meantime Bobwhite and Chicken eggs were added to the incubator to be hatched which are all hatching at the same time.  I'm freaking out and he is leaving!

From incubator to box and incubator to box and incubator to box the day went pretty well.  I have to tell you it is nerve racking picking up little tiny birds that are minutes old but they pretty much take care of themselves.  It is crazy amazing that in a few minutes from the egg they have fluffy feathers, are eating and drinking.  They appear to grow before your eyes. 

As much as I have to admit it was an incredible experience, one I won't forgot, however I think I'll farm like I fish.  Enjoying, observing, experiencing while offering a little help.  It will be interesting were it goes from here.

The Start of a Gentleman's Farm Video


charlesalvarez23 said...

What a fantastic post. I like it and the video of quail was incredible, for me it was precious. Big thanks for sharing.

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Real Estate RI & MA said...

Thank so much. I am glad you enjoyed the post.