Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Turning Favorite Finds Into Priceless Pieces - Second Season Finish Restoration

Turning your favorite finds into priceless pieces. You have found that perfect piece of furniture that will fit just right in the spot you have been looking to fill in your home. It was love at first glance at the Auction, Flea Market, or Yard Sale but once you got it home the finish didn't WOW you anymore. Or maybe that favorite family heirloom, to priceless to get rid of, isn't gleaming like it use to. You ponder refinishing it yourself but know it won't turn out just right. What to do? I have the perfect solution for you.

Second Season Finish Restoration
Mark Faris - Owner
401-624-6080     401-569-2050
Tiverton, RI

Mark has 35 years professional finishing and restoration experience. Specializing in finish restoration of period furniture to modern day decor and architectural finishes. From his shop to your home the top quality finish is sure to impress. Mark also offers on site finish restoration services.

Avoid the frustration of a DIY project trying to figure out the right product to use and the endless hours sometimes spent to only be disappointed in the end result. Never leave behind that great buy because of the finish again. Finding you the best so you can give that priceless piece a "Second Season".

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