Saturday, April 17, 2010

For the times I question why I give 150% every day I am reminded in wonderful ways.

There are times I question why I give 150% every day as I am sure everyone does no matter what your profession happens to be. I feel guilty when my home is disorderly, when I take a few hours to get my hair done, or when I keep thinking to myself the lack of time I spend with my family and friends. Then I am reminded why in wonderful ways.

I received a birth notification from one of my clients. A beautiful baby boy. They are great people and I am so excited for them. Although, the new mother would prefer to live a little closer to her Mom and Dad I sleep well knowing they are bringing their beautiful first born baby to a great home. It feels good to know they can spend their money on their new child and not costly repairs/upgrades. When the time comes and the baby is walking he will have a nice fenced yard to play in.

Then I think about the family who had a undying will to close before Christmas. When notified they possibly wouldn't close because of chipping paint on the outside of the house the buyer stepped up sanded and painted that side of the house in 25 degree weather. Talk about giving a 150%. I have some paint on my jacket which I refuse to remove. I proudly wear it like war paint as a reminder of a victory. They did close just before Christmas on the 23rd.

And the family who purchased a new home because they decided that it was time to come back to the area where they were raised. I still can't decide who was happier. The new home owners, the grandparents who are thrilled to have their grandson closer to them, or their two year old son who is so happy with his new house. He showed me his room with pride and endured the closing displaying exceptional behavior sometimes questioning when he could go to his new home.

Lastly there are my exceptional sellers who are offering great homes. They work their fingers to the bone so that I am proud to show their homes. I know some lucky buyers will have good homes with no worries or surprises. Any monies that buyers should spend will be on cosmetics making the house their home not on costly repairs.

So when I question why in these challenging times I have these memories to remind me why I will always give 150%.

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