Monday, July 19, 2010

Pride City Wide Fall River, MA

Recently I had the pleasure to speak with people who are relocating to Fall River, MA. With the wealth of information provided on the Internet sometimes you just assume that everyone knows what it is like to live in your area. However it is the day to day living information that sometimes gets lost. The series of videos above and the website above offer a great amount of information for Fall River.

Fall River has a unique visual appeal. It has a coastline almost 9 miles long, the buildings are relatively low in comparison to other cities surrounded by trees. The city is easy to navigate with low traffic.

Living minutes away I can't imagine the impact on my life if it were not for Fall River. Number one reason our town no longer has a grocery store. Whatever the need you can conveniently find it in Fall River.

The food that is offered is something that can't go without mentioning. The Portuguese restaurants and bakeries are my favorite. I could go for a chourico (Portuguese Sausage) roll right now. Once you sink your teeth into the fresh baked bread I am sure it will become a household favorite.

Add to the mix the proximity of other cities such as Boston (50 miles), Providence (16 miles), and New Bedford(12 miles), the affordable housing, nice neighborhoods, and a community full of pride it might just be a great fit for you.

Homes for Sale:
367 Frost St. Fall River, MA
179 Hathaway Commons Rd. Fall River, MA

Free Property Search Fall River, MA

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