Sunday, February 28, 2010

I just went on a much needed VACATION for 20 bucks! How and where you ask?

To say the housing market is tough seems to some to be an understatement. It just doesn't begin to define the day to day challenges. As with any business in this economy it is demanding of your time, experience, and endurance. You simply just have to take on more to survive. Most of the time, not always, it isn't easy getting sellers and buyers to the closing table. After a couple of not so easy sales I decided I needed a vacation. Time to regroup my thoughts and restore my energy.

Here is how my 20 buck vacation began. Those who read my blog know that I support local business. BankNewport provides an opportunity for people to spotlight their business. While banking I noticed the business spotlight was for an author who lived in Tiverton. I love to read and curious I decided to check out the books. Who am I kidding he had me sold just knowing he was from Tiverton, RI.

THE OVERLORDS is A Fantasy Book Series written by J. Michael Squatrito, Jr. There are two books "Legend of the Treasure" and "The Talisman of Unification". After reading the story line I was convinced that I wanted the second book "The Talisman of Unification". For some reason the title and book cover lured me to start with book two. I know it is a series "duh". Although, everyone kept telling me that I should read the "Legend of the Treasure" seeing it is a series. I can be stubborn and insisted I wanted book two. The girls at the bank weren't sure about the price and how to credit the sale. They also told me the author would be in on Friday to sign books and would I come back. I agreed, however I couldn't make it that day. The next time I went to the bank one of the girls said "I have your book". She also said "I told them you wanted book two but they brought book one". Not only can I be stubborn but sometimes persistent. A little agitated I said, "That's fine". As it turns out I am glad that I started with book one. Thanks for your patience girls.

My mother taught me that you always finish reading a book once you have started and I have struggled through many. People always ask me, "If you don't like it why are you still reading it". I finish because that is what I was taught, that is what I believe, and you never know it just may end up good. Let me be perfectly clear. There was no struggle to finish this book. There was never a dull chapter and it took me from the real world to a land of fantasy and adventure.

I really liked that you got to know the characters while you read. You didn't have to endure chapter after chapter introducing the characters. From beginning to end the chapters were intriguing and adventurous. I do have to ask Mr. Squatrito, "Where is the female warrior"?

The book gave me the encouragement to face challenges, stay loyal to your beliefs, endure your pains, and never give up. To do otherwise you may never reap your rewards.

I can't wait for my second 20 buck vacation. Buy the books.

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