Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Rhode Island. MUST SEE. Everyone Person has a Right to His/Her Choice. No Matter What Age.

Today from the store window of our Antique Store I watched this young man campaign for Obama harder than any individual I have seen all this election.

Joe Burns - Obama Supporter
Warren, RI

This young man was relentless waving and pointing at his sign at every car that passed rallying for support. Some people even flipped him off. No matter who you like for President this young man didn't deserve that response for his effort. He was out there for hours. A Jack Reed supporter or representative must have been pretty impressed because he stopped and gave him the sign above. This is America people so if this young man likes Obama and you disagree then don't blow your horn, don't wave but give him the respect he deserves for his choice. Don't flip him off. People have the right of choice in this Country. That is what makes this Country great. Look at the pride in his face. This is not an emotion we should discourage.

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